Great products, different, better.

Our Mission

Together we develop facilities, tools, technologies, and services to break down barriers and accelerate economic opportunities for the greater good.

Our Commitment to Service

The Royal Niger Company is committed to providing exceptional and cost effective service in helping our customers improve their businesses and their lives. We promise friendly courteous service and quick action in addressing concerns. We go out of our way to learn the preferences of each individual customer and work towards optimizing our products to surpass customer expectations. Your experience with us will always be positive. 

Our practices are inclusive. We believe that everyone in the world is special. We believe in education with continuous learning, and innovation with continuous improvement. 

We work to infuse our beliefs in the culture and practice of our entire team of "talented people". We are approachable, knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful. We help analyze needs and offer a range of optional solutions. We are fair when implementing our policies.

We work to establish and maintain community and environmentally friendly operations.

Our Divisions

Food Products

We see opportunity in bringing the wealth of African flavors to the world, and are working to establish food production operations. 

Building Products

We look forward to contributing to the growth of sustainable housing. We are steadily working towards production of sustainable building materials at Ido, Oyo State, Nigeria in 2017.

Industrial and Electrical Machinery

We are interested in playing a role in sourcing American industrial expertise and building a bridge to Africa.


We are building cloud based services for education, health, commerce, and IOT. We are on track to launch our first products in September 2016.